Bolivia Wrap-Up

Bolivia was a lot like March – it started like a lion and ended like a lamb. We entered Bolivia after spending 36 hours between Read More →

Celebrating a Birthday in Bolivia

Everyone approaches their birthdays differently and, while I’m not someone who needs others to remember my birthday, there are a few things that I appreciate Read More →

Mes-iversary #2

We’re a little late in getting this up, but it’s been an eventful week or two for us. We’re excited to share some random tidbits Read More →

Learning to Trust God

This story ends in the back of a box truck traveling down a bumpy dirt road in the middle of a Bolivian jungle, but it Read More →

Argentina Wrap-Up

Sitting in our apartment with a beautiful night view of the other side of the valley in the middle of La Paz, I’m realizing, I enjoy Read More →

Cooking while Traveling

In between every glamorous mountain photo shoot, the tango lessons, and the midnight coffee after a rocking night with new friends, there is a chore that Read More →

Mes-iversary #1

Get it? The Spanish word for month is “mes”.  Thus mes-iversary.  Ok, I’ll stop. Yesterday, was our first day in Buenos Aires and the first Read More →

Chile Wrap-Up

Partly because our amazing friend Ian designed us some country specific images and partly because it seems like a fun thing to do, I decided Read More →