Mes-iversary #2

We’re a little late in getting this up, but it’s been an eventful week or two for us. We’re excited to share some random tidbits about our life as travelers right now. If you didn’t get to see the first month, here it is. As you go through this, you might see a pretty common theme – we really enjoyed our time with our friends the Gabis. Traveling to so many places where we met an eclectic variety of people, it was always wonderful to spend time with a couple who we get along with so well. Without further ado, questions for the past month:

A great moment from the past month?
Danielle: Cartwheels on the Salar de Uyuni (after being sick for a few days) and tour and sandwiches with the Gabis on the riverfront.
Nate: Realizing we had a connection at Saddleback (John Cassetto) in Buenos Aires and anytime with the Gabis

What do you regret anything in the last month?
Danielle Whatever I ate/drank in Villazon that made me sick.
Nate Not taking a Spanish class in Buenos Aires.  Our Spanish has been improving slowly, but it would have been great to have an intensive course to help it along.

What have you learned in the past month?
Danielle Rearing children looks completely different and awesome in South America.
Nate Travel is hard and being in one place and having a stable home base is wonderful.

What have you learned from your reading in the past month?
Danielle How much a disservice we do to our society with the way we treat people in prison (Orange is the New Black and Just Mercy)
Nate There is so much we don’t know about the people from their public persona (Open by Andre Agassi and Heart of a Tiger by Herschel Cobb, Ty Cobb’s grandson)

What are you learning about God?
Danielle I’m learning that my growth is a partnership between God and me: a balance between my willingness to change and letting the Holy Spirit change me.  I can’t just sit back and let God do all the work and I can’t will myself to change and do all the work myself.
Nate How true it is (even though we say it over and over) that wherever you are, you can be used if you are willing.

What was your favorite meal out in Buenos Aires?
Danielle Cold brew coffee and medialunas at Full City Coffee.  It’s very hard to find iced coffee here in South America.
Nate So many! Traditional (deep dish and cheese) pizza with the Saddleback folks, Tapas with the Gabis and Asado (so many plates of meat) with the Gabis.

What is something you miss right now?
Danielle Post-it notes and iced coffee.
Nate My marathon jacket (a last minute decision not to bring it, but it would be perfect for cool days and nights).  Yup, this was the same answer as last month and likely the same as next month…

Where have you seen yourself grow in the last month?
Danielle Everything is temporary – discomfort and contentment.  When I got sick, it sucked, but I knew there would be a time when I was better.
Nate Understanding clearly what it means to trust God when you have no where else to turn.

What have you been surprised that you enjoy?
Danielle Cooking – the ability to make our own healthy meals, especially when there is so much fried food around us and we don’t always have a kitchen.
Nate Writing and sharing the stories of our trip with all of you.

Who do you wish you could have brought for this second month?
Danielle Shannon Conrad – we’ve been emailing back and forth about life and faith and things that are good and things that are hard and I wish we could have had those conversations in person.
Nate Ian and Anna – they would have loved the music at Saddleback and exploring the architecture of Buenos Aires.

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