Getaway Weekend

Getting into the woods is always refreshing for us. Add no wifi, sunny days, and this place, and we almost didn’t mind that it was below freezing the whole time.

Our tiny house experience in New Hampshire at Getaway House was pretty lovely. We took Peyto along and, aside from not understanding the concept of a picture window, he enjoyed his first getaway with us.

I prepared some one-skillet camping meals for us and we ate healthy, simple food all weekend. One person in the kitchen at a time, though. We’ve seen smaller in our travels, but this one was pretty small:

Our days were full of walks, deep talks, reading, naps, stargazing, s’more making, and some yoga.

The space between the bed and the window was the perfect size for a yoga mat.

And the house came with a s’more kit. Which we put to good use both nights.

It was chilly, but not cold enough to deter us from the combination of whiskey and campfire.

All that relaxing was exhausting for some of us.

But we managed to scrape up some energy for a short hike in Bear Brook State Park.

Though we didn’t lock up our cell phones in a box for the weekend, as Getaway House suggests, we did feel refreshed by spending our time doing things we don’t normally do: Sitting down and playing cards, reading, talking about our dreams. I sent one text message, zero emails, and posted zero items on social media. Felt good to step away and look up for a few days.

We’re looking forward to coming back here in a few months to try out a getaway that’s above freezing!

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