Climbing Mount Taranaki

Mount Taranaki is a formidable beast in the midst of flatlands and farms on the southeast corner of New Zealand’s north island. It is one Read More →

Stopover in Sydney

After 24 hours of travel from Vietnam, we finally arrived in the land of buggies, nappies, lifts, rubbish, tills, and heaps of other words we Read More →

Rural Cambodia

As fans of off-the-beaten-path travel, we were excited to find Dani Jump and the tours he offers. After growing up in India and three tours Read More →

Northern Thai Countryside

Way back when we were planning this trip around the world, I was excited to visit Thailand. Part of the reason is our love of Read More →

Dominican Republic Wrap-Up

I’ve been putting off writing a wrap-up of our visit to the Dominican Republic back in June and I know why. Our relationship with that Read More →

Family History in Peru

Machu Picchu itself is reason enough to spend some time exploring Peru, but we had another more personal reason for some of our explorations in Read More →

Colca Canyon

At 10,725 feet deep, Colca Canyon in Peru is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon and pretty darn spectacular. Nate and I enjoyed a three-day Read More →

A Lesson in Hospitality

I wish we could share with you every amazing story of the people we’ve met in our month of travel so far. People have been Read More →