Working on the Road

From the beginning of our trip, I had a thought that it would be great if by the time we got to New Zealand, I had found some Read More →

The Coromandel Peninsula

Pronounce it “Cor-o-MEN-dull”, which we still can’t instinctively do on cue. KARANGAHAKE GORGE After leaving Auckland, our first stop on the way towards the Coromandel Read More →

Summer in the States

Our original plan (ha) was to come back to the states for a week in July to celebrate Nate’s parents’ 40th anniversary after traveling for Read More →

Celebrating a Birthday in Bolivia

Everyone approaches their birthdays differently and, while I’m not someone who needs others to remember my birthday, there are a few things that I appreciate Read More →

Working Out on the Road

One thing we’ve found really grounds us is our daily workout. If we’re not hiking or spending all day on a bus or plane, we Read More →

Cooking while Traveling

In between every glamorous mountain photo shoot, the tango lessons, and the midnight coffee after a rocking night with new friends, there is a chore that Read More →