Stopover in Sydney

After 24 hours of travel from Vietnam, we finally arrived in the land of buggies, nappies, lifts, rubbish, tills, and heaps of other words we Read More →

Vietnam Wrap-Up

Sometimes this traveling the world thing feels like a luxurious vacation. At other times, it feels like the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. Mostly Read More →

Cambodia Wrap-Up

We decided to go to Cambodia as a bit of a last minute decision. I didn’t know much about the country and neither did Nate, Read More →

Thailand Wrap-Up

Thailand is known as “the land of smiles” and absolutely lives up to its reputation. Though I was nervous about visiting Southeast Asia for the first Read More →

Montenegro Wrap-Up

Kotor Our first stop in Montenegro via a bus from Dubrovnik, Croatia, Kotor stole our breath away. We did some incredible hikes in the mountainous Read More →

Croatia Wrap-Up

Croatia was a country that has been high on my list ever since my old boss TJ took a trip there in the early days Read More →

Dominican Republic Wrap-Up

I’ve been putting off writing a wrap-up of our visit to the Dominican Republic back in June and I know why. Our relationship with that Read More →

Peru Wrap-Up

Two and a half-months is as good a time as any to write a wrap-up of our last South American country, right? We have been Read More →

Bolivia Wrap-Up

Bolivia was a lot like March – it started like a lion and ended like a lamb. We entered Bolivia after spending 36 hours between Read More →