So. Nate stole the first post from me.


We’re going to be spending an awful lot of time together soon so I’m going to pick my battles.

I have many ideas for this blog but currently feel paralyzed over where to begin. And then today, as we drove from a date with beautiful friends and their beautiful babies, to REI, to CVS, WHICH ARE THE ONLY THINGS WE DO LATELY besides struggle with packing tape, it dawned on me. I AM FEELING ALL THE FEELINGS and there’s ne’er a hope that I’ll succeed in communicating them properly.

But alas, here I go as I show you a peek inside my brain this evening:

OH MY DEAR LORD IN HEAVEN ARE WE DOING THIS? Yeah, we’re doing this. Because we’re people who just live our dreams. Of course we’re doing this. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? HOW ON EARTH WILL WE NOT DIE? We’ve researched. We’re fine. We’re going to be fine. We have titanium utensils and a badass stove that fits in my pocket. YOU SPENT EIGHT HOURS RESEARCHING SLEEPING BAGS AND ZERO HOURS BOOKING ANY ACCOMMODATIONS AND YOU LEAVE IN 10 DAYS. oh. oh. oh my sweet dear lord in heaven. And you know what? Oh my gosh. We’re leaving Boston. BOSTON STRONG. We’re leaving. We’re abandoning. And we have the best friends in the world. Have you noticed? Every human we know is the most amazing. That’s real. [That’s 100% of you who actually read this, by the way. Amazing. You. Are. Amazing.]. I’M GOING TO MISS THEM SO MUCH. I try to be strong but am constantly feeling the tingle of tears in my nose when I see them FOR WHAT MAY BE THE LAST TIME. We’ve been through SO MUCH together this winter! I want to take them all with me. CAN WE DO THAT? No? oh dear lord. But seriously, they are so incredible. Everything is incredible. Our home is incredible. Our jobs are incredible. Our life here is incredible. Why on earth are we leaving?! THIS IS A HUGE GIGANTIC TITANIC MISTAKE. CAN WE STOP THIS TRAIN? No? No. Wait, OUR ADVENTURE will be incredible, too. IT’S TOO MUCH. It’s wondrous. It’s sad. It’s happy. It’s hard. It’s easy. I CAN’T POSSIBLY FEEL ALL THESE FEELINGS AT ONCE.

And yet, I am.

I’ve hugged all this out with some of you and for that, I’m grateful. I really have never felt so loved, supported, and encouraged. We are going off into this unknown and I’m so relieved you all are with us. I just feel all the feelings and something tells me I better get used to that because there’s a heck of a lot of feelings and adventure ahead of us.